Globalization: Where is the Democratization?



The 21st Century is moving towards models of convergent media. According to Flew globalization and media convergence have – as compared to the 20th Century – significantly reduced barriers to information, and created greater media empowerment of users and audiences through interactivity. However, Flew also reminds us that:

the Marxist critique of capitalism, which continues to be developed through the political economy of communication, reminds us of the extent to which the market itself will not redress questions of inequality of access on a national or a global scale, even if digital media technologies promise new opportunities for popular engagement and consumer creation of medial content. (Flew 2011)

This point is made apparent as India recently expanded its efforts to regulate the Internet by blocking Twitter accounts of some prominent journalists, as well as content from mainstream news organizations. The government alleges the content blocked was fueling continuous violence in the northeast of the country. The government has conceded to blocking close to 250 Web pages it claims were inciting Muslims to attack northeasterners. In recent days the government has expanded its reach, blocking news stories from local and foreign media organizations.

Original article available at: New Delhi Expands Curbs on Web Content —

Nikki Tuttle


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