Forbes Reinvents Online Platform


News and media companies are having to adapt and reinvent themselves now more than ever in order to stay current and meet the consumer driven demands of Web 2.0 ad convergent media. Forbes’ digital media/online content sector has been failing to capture significant traffic until recently. Since Lewis D’vorkin, chief product officer of Forbes Media returned in 2010, he has been changing the way consumers interact with their online media. A new “contributor content model” as well as a format which allows for “content creator pages,” has doubled unique traffic and is bringing in record results. D’vorkin says

“The notion was to build a platform, build the tools, build the infrastructure so these individuals could publish content under their own name and their own brand and build a loyal following … and be incentivised for their success.”

In order to do this, he adds that they had to change the way content was

“produced, created, distributed, marketed and in many ways paid for on”

Over a thousand contributors bring media closer to the everyday reader with Forbes then dividing the information into stacks with

“each section focused on presenting content in a way which reflects the voice of each constituency.”

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (cited in Flew, 2011, p. 61, 62) notes, in a web 2.0 environment, that

“Changes in the way users produce, distribute, access and re-use information, knowledge and entertainment potentially gives rise to increased user autonomy, increased participation and increased diversity [emphasis added].”

Forbes is a prime example of media companies altering their interfaces and developing new methods to adapt to Web 2.0’s changing climate.

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Daniel Levy


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