Channeling your in(ner)net


After online video-sharing giant YouTube doled out the big bucks for its “original-content initiative 2.0 ” at the beginning of the year, it now stands to adopt a new approach to giving viewers, media creators, and advertisers what they want: more. Upon analyzing viewing habits, the company will determine the successful vs. the not-so-successful productions… easy right? Well, next they’ll inject funding into the productions those who made the cut… how nice!

“Along with the decision on which channels to cut will be a new round of funding for new channel startups.”

Third, and most important, to become more attractive and viable to the wallets of potential ad space purchasers, they’ll deploy new algorithms to determine which channels are engaging viewers.

“If a channel has 20 million views, and viewers spend just 35 seconds on the channel, how valuable is that to an advertiser?” one partner asked.

It is interesting to me, in reading the introduction to MediaWork, the direct reflection of YouTube’s business strategy to the ideas of individualism and the flexitime. The article states:

“Since January total hours watched on YouTube jumped 33 percent to 4 billion from 3 billion….in February, in part to get ready for when a significant percentage of TVs across the country are Web-connected.”

In speculation, it appears prevalent that the ability for a viewer to dictate when and where they watch programming is accommodated through YouTube’s static interface. No longer is it necessary to drop everything at 8pm on Wednesday, or for ad agencies to pool Nielson analytics to discover how best to reach their desired audience.

– Garrett Poortinga

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