Trial and Error in media governance


Geert and Ned talked about the governance in media and said that“The horizontal and vertical axes of communication are not separate or opposed but mutually constitutive” and in the field of media network, the common style is trial and error. In November 25, 2011, The State of Administration of Radio Film and Television of China posted their new policy for the market of Television and Advertising. “From January1, 2012, no commercial is allowed to put in sitcoms and soap operas”. For most of Tv Station, the commercial revenue takes more than 60% of their income. What should they do under this new policy? The debate of whether it’s “right” for the government to this is still ongoing. What is the effect of this “trial”? Could they achieve their goal to improve people’s experience in watching TV? Or make it worse? Just a few days after the policy is publicize, people on the Internet talked about the possible ending of this story. One possible impact is that from the next year, all commercials and advertisement are planted into the sitcoms and soap operas. Or the commercials will find a small window floating on the screen in the corner. According to the survey for people’s response, over 80% people support this new policy. But, will this be a happy ending for both audiences and decision makers? Calm down, we are still in the process of trial and error.

–Hongyuan Jiang

Lovink, G., & Rossitter, N. (2011). Urgent Aphorisms; Notes on Organized Networks for the Connected Multitudes. In M. Dueze (Ed.), Managing Media Work (pp. 279-290). Thousand Oaks, California, United States of America: SAGE Publications Inc


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