Social Networks as an easy and quick source of news!



Years ago, journalists, were forced to listen to the radio, colleagues, the police, and other sources of information in order to find out news and content for their articles. Today, with the massive use of social networks and news media, it is often the news that finds the journalist. In fact, “a growing group of people actively sharing, co-creating, and up and downloading content online… is perceived as proactively co-creating media” (Deuze, pp. 4). Most of the time this is not a “problem” but when a professional soccer player is constantly sharing his thoughts on Twitter, he instantly becomes a dream come true for all the journalists that have what we can call “free content” produced by the consumer himself.

Eljero Elia is a Dutch soccer player, currently playing for the Italian team Juventus. He is well known for being a heavy social network user on both Twitter and Facebook. About two months ago he, in a very “angry way, commented on a terrible challenge made by Inter-milan defender Lucio against his friend Stekelenburg (Dutch goalkeeper).

For one week Italian media was all over this news and basically what happened was what Deuze suggests at the bottom of page 4 “media managers and workers  [were forced] to rethink their processes and practices when media making content and designing user experiences”.

This could be applied to many other situations. For instance, people who become famous because of YouTube instead of the regular Television (where it is hard to appear in the first place).  The first outbreak of Bin Laden assassination was shared by a twitter user who was Bin Laden’s neighbor in Pakistan and watched the events live as they were taking place. Shows such as “Big Brother” hold their auditions on social networks.

Media professionals are quickly adapting to this new “network world” where the consumer is the first creator of the content.

-Fabio Monticone’s-own-goal-twitter


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