Should Steve Jobs be blamed for the Egocentric Culture?


According to Daily Telegraph, UK’s chief Rabbi-Lord Sacks, blamed Steve Jobs for creating the “i-Culture”, which means people only care about themselves instead of others.

He said: “The consumer society was laid down by the late Steve Jobs coming down the mountain with two tablets, iPad one and iPad two, and the result is that we now have a culture of iPod, iPhone, iTune, i, i, i.”

True, Steve Jobs is the icon in the field of new media and technology. Black mock turtleneck shirts and blue jeans have been his trademarks for several years. As Deuze points out in Media Work,”Being authentic, original, talented, and unique is an essential ingredient of media work.” (Deuze, 241) Steve Jobs, as well as his products, stand out in the market with their uniqueness.

But does Steve Jobs or Apple create the Ego-centric Culture? In my opinion, Apple didn’t create the Ego-centric culture, it just emerges in the right time and fit the Ego-centric culture well and thus wins the market. Steve Jobs should never be blamed. The chief Rabbi just saw a small part of the picture. He should have the knowledge that there are so many things ongoing outside in nowadays society that contributes to this Ego-centric culture. The life is more “complex and liquid.” (Deuze, 242)


–Hongyuan Jiang

Deuze, Mark. “Chapter 8: Conclusion: Liquid Media Work.” Media Work. Cambridge: Polity Press, 2007. 233-242. Print.


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