Living Life In the Media



Today’s Technology Blog at the Guardian pointed to some interesting links that I think tie well into what I considered the highlight of Chapter One of Managing Media Work – “living a life not with but rather in media.” (Deuze, 1)  It seems so simple, right there in the first chapter, and yet it is interesting that we are reading this now – as the term comes to a close – when this seems to be the crux upon which the entire framework of the course has been structured.

Some of the headlines include:

– Facebook contributing to a study that uses Facebook to track interconnectedness between people. Right now, they see a trend that indicates that most people globally are connected by less than the prototypical “six degrees of separation” and that this has changed and developed as Facebook has grown in popularity and usage. Fifty years ago, these ideas would have seemed incredibly crazy; but now – in an increasingly digital, global age – these numbers don’t seem so far-fetched.

Spotify has announced a mysterious press conference at which they will announce some changes to their services, coming within weeks of other major digital music providers making changes and updates to their services. The writer of the article, Kafka, assumes certain changes that seem “standard” – an MP3 store, an iPad app, etc. The fact that we can now have a set of “Standards” for something like digital music, which was coming into its own a mere decade ago, shows the incredible proliferation of such digital media, and it’s ability to converge and become a part of our daily lives in a major way. 

These are just some of many technology updates for a single date in time. When we think about how many technological shifts, paradigms, and items of intrigue this leads to on an annual basis, it’s impossible not to see our current world as being lived, rather than with, media.

– Shannon


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