Convergence, Global Production, and Narcissism


With the convergence of different forms of media and production taking place on a global scale, I wonder if some of the narcissistic tools used by different industries will also have to converge. The lines that allow, say for instance, film producers and advertisers to go and create awards for themselves individually may have to change as we are moving towards not being able to distinguish between different forms of media anymore. Also, with so much of what we consume being partially or fully consumer-generated content, will we start having awards for users in order to encourage their continued devotion to what they do, or does this take place in a different context already?

Several websites, and even the CMA, have done awards for user generated content, but nothing on the level of how media industries award themselves. Perhaps we are reaching a point in which the forms of natural recognition are enough to incentivize continued creativity. For managers, looking at what drives consumers to make creative works and translate this to employees working for a particular company.



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