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It’s the holiday season, and in terms of advertising that means you’ll be seeing more “buy her diamonds” jeweler campaigns than ever. In the last chapter of Media Work, one of the main concepts in Deuze’s ten is convergence culture. This has been one of the most interesting topics to me personally this semester because we can see it play out in so many different ways. Several posts have already touched on the various ways in which the convergence culture is seeping in to almost every realm in the media world.

Deuze notes in chapter 8 that organizations are “cautiously courting the consumer in her (historical yet only recently acknowledged) role as co-producer of commercially viable and creatively inspiring content and connectivity” (236).  Another prime example of convergence culture and how companies have had to shift their previous methods to include the consumer-as-producer is a recent ad campaign by California jewelers Robbins Brothers. Their newest “Share the Love” campaign allows customers to share their love messages on a huge billboard through the company’s Facebook page. “We’re always looking for engaging ways to help couples celebrate their romance,” commented Larry Gomperts, executive vice president of marketing for Robbins Brothers. “There is no better time than the holidays to profess your love and share it with the people closest to you. We’re excited to offer our customers this opportunity” (Nudd).

Another example is the video below. Their television commercial includes home-video footage of various proposals, making the consumer the main focus and, in this case, the main producer of their advertising content. I thought these both were great additional examples to the idea of convergence culture and were only appropriate for the holiday season!



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