No more movies bombing at the box office….


-Just pay attention to social media!!!

According to social media marketing analyst Ben Carlson, “More than any other aspect of life, people do share opinions about movies.”  Carlson is  the president and co-founder of Fizziology, “a two-year-old research company that uses proprietary technology to track what’s being talked about on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and search engines, and then employs social media analysts to turn that data into actionable information for entertainment industry clients. It’s that formula that allows Carlson and Fizziology to predict that “Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1″ will gross $140 million in its opening weekend” (See ARTICLE HERE).

And- low and behold, “”The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1″ put the bite on the weekend box office with a $138.1 million debut” according to the Associated Press article ‘Breaking Dawn’ lures packs of fans with $138.1M.

So, is this an accurate predictor of movie success?

Do you share movie opinions on your social media networks? Do you think social media is impacting how movies are marketed and made?  -Emmalyn


3 Responses to “No more movies bombing at the box office….”

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