Narcissism on Facebook Brought to a new Level


Deuze references the notion of Narcissism as a vehicle for not only manufactured authenticity, but also as a means to self-promote in the media work environment. Specifically, he also states that, “Time again, the analyses of media workers in the different disciplines show how their primary concern – for a variety of reasons – tends not to be the customer, nor the client: it is the peer review and recognition. (pg. 241, MW)” Lastly, Deuze points to the use of narcissism as a way in which media workers can take responsibility for their professional identity using themselves as an economic and artistic survival tool in “an otherwise complex, unpredictable, rollercoaster industry. (pg 241, MW)”

This article describes Facebook’s newest feature, called, “Timeline”, which allows for many more pictures and status updates to be visually presented. This article argues that this functionality brings the level of Narcissism on Facebook to a whole new level.

“Don’t get me wrong, I like seeing pictures of myself just as much as the next nerd, but Facebook’s Timeline takes self-obsession to a level that feels too egocentric.(”

Clearly a pessimistic article, perhaps the increased indulgence of self-love engendered by Facebook is a good thing for media workers, as they consistently rely on self-branding as a way to stay in business. The minor differences pointed out in Media Work, through designs such as Facebook’s new Timeline, also become magnified for the self-branded media worker. Whereas at the same time media workers using Timeline will need to adjust their Facebook profiles to meet the new demands, not to mention their competition, perhaps the Timeline will emphasize those minor differences that set them apart from other groups that do similar work all the more.

Timeline has been announced to come out but has no release date as of yet.

– Dan Schiffman


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