Kids and technology


“Culture, the economy, the family, work, and play: these and many other benchmarks for understanding life in the digital age at best can be characterized by their fragility… (233)” Chapter eight in Media Work provides an excellent overview of our class discussions during the semester. The news article that I have chosen to apply to this weeks readings left me a little confounded, as it presents a very serious issue that media designers must take heed to. The CNN report discusses online safety in regards to children and provides significant statitistics concerning age and media usage; 7.5 million under the age of 13 utilize Facebook (more than five million are 10 and under), 91% of tots are video game players. As more and more devices are being produced with wifi connectivity, interactivity continues to surge in the lives of children at alarming rates. The article provides several tools that can help counter online safety issues and provides tips for parents to use in enforcing rules with their children’s media usage. The question is, however, who is really monitoring and taking the precautions? And are the social media platforms like Facebook doing everything they can to prevent adolescents from violating its terms of use?




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