Occupy vs Tea Party: What their Twitter networks reveal!- Interesting Article!


Because of last week’s zombie-based discussions, this article caught my eye….

It was on the San Francisco-based “New Scientist” blog, and the author discusses the work of the Social Media Research Foundation’s study of the Twitter networks of the Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party movements, as well as who (individual or organizations) they center around!  Very interesting what insights social media can provide!


“This view of how the two movements are impacting the Twitterverse comes from Marc Smith of the Social Media Research Foundation in Belmont, California. “These are very differently organised groups,” he says. “Occupy is much more diffuse and diverse.”

Smith has analysed tweets containing “occupywallstreet” or “teaparty”, drawing connections between the Twitter users involved if one follows one other (shown in grey), or if they retweeted, replied or mentioned one another (shown in blue). ”


(Image: Marc Smith of the Social Media Research Foundation)


(Image: Marc Smith of the Social Media Research Foundation)

NOTE: The methodology of the researcher, Marc Smith, was a ‘point in time’ approach…  It would be interesting to see the results over a period of time and how they may vary!!!

There was a time when a social media analysis would not have meant anything to the average person, now people realize that “we are living in and through media” (Deuze, 233), so we are more apt to take it seriously.  The participatory convergence culture that is re-capped in chapter 8 only reaffirms the fact that the consumer is changing and that these changes won’t only alter how the markets are run.  -Emmalyn

Deuze, Mark. “Chapter 8: Conclusion: Liquid Media Work.” Media Work. Cambridge: Polity Press, 2007. 233-242. Print.

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