New technologies connects craftsman and consumers


Chris Bilton talked about the impacts that new technology brings to the creative industry. “New technologies have triggered a new generation of cultural entrepreneurs, but they are rediscovering traditions and unities that are historically embedded in cultural work.”

In last year’s CHI Student Design competition, the grand prize goes to a website that connects illiterate craftsmen in Egypt with consumers worldwide. The website intends to build mutual respect with these groups of people, and most important, to promote the handmade crafts more effectively with the help of new technology. People could use the website to see the design process of the crafts as well as the stories of the craftsmen. With the empathy and respect of the design, consumers will get more motivation to buy the product, and also, to get more knowledge and respect on the culture behind that.

These kinds of ideas are booming in recent years. As Chris said, “New technologies have opened up the connections among production, distribution, and consumption in the creative industries.” Kickstarter is another good example for his words. It works as a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors and explorers to make promotion about their own creative ideas and projects, raise money and to realize their dream. ”It’s a way for the creative community to get ideas out there and bring them to life,” Kazmark said,“Since Kickstarter’s debut in April 2009, more than 30,000 ideas have been posted. More than 13,500 of them have reached their fundraising goals.” More than 100 million dollars were raised on this website, which was really difficult to achieve without the help of new technology.

-Hongyuan Jiang

Chris Bilton. (2011). The Management of the Creative Industry. In M. Deuze (Ed.), Managing Media Work(pp. 31-56). Thousand Oaks, California, United States of America: SAGE Publications Inc.


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