Corporations are Paying More Attention to Creative Enviornments


Discovery Communications, Career Growth

When I read the sections for today, I just knew I had to use Discovery Communications as an example of good management of the creative process. When I was considering an internship there for last summer I visited their website and spoke to employees about the culture there. Last spring their career website had videos up that emphasized the creative environment at their different subsidiaries and the creative environment at Discovery generally. Unfortunately, this good info is no longer up on their website, or I simply just cannot find it. I’ve given up! I would say that Discovery gets it when it comes to the “three elements [that] need to be present in an organizational setting: Creativity-relevant skills…Expertise….[and] Intrinsic motivation” (Deuze, 2011, p. 47). Discovery incorporates these elements into is organizational culture and career growth. While “career development” can be seen as very individualistic, Discovery views it and uses it as adding to the entire government. Discovery offers affinity groups that also help foster an environment of creativity.

Discovery is not the only organizations that understands the importance of having a healthy creative environment. It appears that many media companies are attempting to shape their organizational culture in this way. Discovery has a website called “Curiosity” in which different questions are answered by experts. I came across the following 2 relevant questions: How does environment impact creativity? and How do Apple’s and Microsoft’s corporate cultures reflect their products?

The fact that corporations are paying attention to these things is encouraging. Though it may not be apparent considering today’s economy, employees care more about environment and culture as well, which may be part of why corporations are developing this area.


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