Stop Online Piracy Act


This newly introduced legislation by Laura Smith (R-Texas) and John Conyers (D-Mich.) would further the Digital Millennium Copyright act by going after Internet domains as well as individual violators.  The proposed law would shift the responsibility to go after copyright infringers from those who hold the copyrights to the domains that host the illicit material.

This law strengthens copyright holders’ control over their material.  But it also stifles creativity, innovation and our new “remix” culture.  This is a culture where “generation and exploitation of intellectual property bleed into each other -in a remix culture it is possible to both break a copyright and create a new one at the same time” (Managing Media Work, p. 40). Kids would not be able to post covers they perform of their favorite artist (See  Gamers would no longer be able to post videos of their gameplay.

Associations representing the industries with the most inertia back the proposed law:  The Motion Picture Association, Recording Industry Association of America and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  These industries “have been damaged deeply by their inability to find strategic solutions and/or implement the scope of organizational change necessary to master such challenges”
(Managing Media Work p. 45).  How can these industries be so shortsighted?

The consequences for hosting sites could be as severe as having their site shut down.  How is going to patrol its millions of videos for any sort of infringing act?  With this law, they have only 5 days to take it down without court action.

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