Humans are Social Creatures…


One topic we mentioned in class briefly as an adjoining comment but then didn’t really explore was the fact that people are very social creatures.  Why?  -Some think it is a genetic, passed-down instinct (SEE ARTICLE & SEE ARTICLE 2).  Articles One and Two discuss the behavior of primates (monkeys, gorillas, orangoutangs, and more) and of fetus twins in the womb.  The idea that people need other people, that people want to have connections with each other, and that people what to have ties- is universal.  Sharing, interacting, communicating- these actions are ones we all participate in daily.  Why do people watch the latest episode of _______ show the night it airs?  -To talk about it at work or with friends the next day?  Why do people post photos on Facebook?  Why go see a live concert when you can just listen to the album?  Why buy the latest gadget or game?

For example- when it came out in theaters, I went to go see the new release “J. Edgar” with Leonardo DiCaprio, directed by Clint Eastwood.  I thought the movie looked good and interesting- but really I went because I had the feeling that DiCaprio will finally get an Oscar nomination for his role of J. Edgar Hoover.  Now that I’ve seen it- I will be able to talk about his phenomenal performance with others who have seen the film or be able to recommend it to others who haven’t seen it yet.

When the creative industries can harness this social need to share and have noteworthy, complete experiences, they can start (or become) a trend.  Why do YouTube videos get seen by millions of people??

Charlie bit my finger – again! 307,497,716 views

(Couldn’t resist!)  -Emmalyn H


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