Digital delivery? EA looks like you are late.

“Technological  advances will continue to undermine established structures in the media industry. Media firms need the capacity to judge how a new technology will affect them…they must also make their organizations flexible and capable of adaptation” (Kung, L. pp. 53). Long story short: media companies should be able to embrace new technologies in order to stay alive.
This is an especially good time for gamers, a lot of big titles are about to be released and some are already on the shelves. However, less and less people today are buying the physical copy of their favorite games. Valve, years ago, came out with its digital delivery service called “Steam” and in a few years it became the absolute leader of this sector. Everything started with a few games and today it is possible to download up to 1400 games. Quite impressive.
Valve is the perfect example of how a media firm should adapt to new technologies and, since they understood this idea years ago, they have a bigger advantage on the market than other software house/companies such as EA.
In fact, the videogame colossus based in California, has always relied on its big physical sales and has never really cared about the “digital marker”. Many years later after Valve, EA in the past few months has came out with its new digital service “Origin” and it is now trying to catch up for lost time.  Is it going to succeed?
We will see! However, following the example of Valve, many middle-small media companies should risk embracing new technologies in order to create new services and encourage more people to consume their products. In today’s modern society, having new ideas is the only thing that matters when it comes to business and Media firms are not excluded.

Fabio Monticone


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