The Amazon experience


Over the last three or four years, I’ve found myself doing a lot more online shopping. And more recently I have been drawn to Amazon for just about any type of media that I’m interested in purchasing. My overall experience on Amazon has become a distinct one. It is simple and quick. I really appreciate the emails that highlight related products based on my past searches or purchases on the website. Moreover, the Amazon mobile application has further enhanced the Amazon experience. It allows you to scan bar codes for price comparisons. Essentially it operates just like the online store except with bonus features.

 The marketing and branding strategies that Amazon has employed goes hand in hand with its latest Kindle campaign. The corporation is constantly adding more features that give it a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Recently, it offering customers the opportunity to access magazines, apps, and games; in addition to the thousands of books that are available. Amazon’s vice president of Kindle Content is quoted describing the Kindle offering as a “beautiful, intuitive reading experience”.  Here we have an illustration of Bilton’s view on marketing and branding in the cultural indutries. The author alludes that “a more complex and competitive marketplace has brought in newer and more diverse range of cultural intermediaries, competing to add value to cultural content through new forms of delivery and distribution (p.34).”

I believe much of Amazon’s success is attributed to its branding efforts. It has created a unique experience for consumers that ultimately impacts the overall brand equity of the corporation.



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