Single Player? No thanks.


Videogames industry is continuously changing overtime. Software houses are constantly facing challenges from technologies innovations and most importantly by consumer desires. I am a gamer. I would call my self a heavy multiplayer gamer and most of the time I completely skip the single player content of any game and I throw myself directly online competing against other people probably because I think “competition is the law of the nature” (pp 203). Therefore, I think, I have enough experience to say that the industry has radically changed in the past ten years in order to accommodate better players like me. Thanks to the better IInternet connections available today almost every game now gives the opportunity to play some form of content online against other users.

What is interesting is that, not even ten years ago, software houses treated online gaming as a purely optional feature even though Internet was already ready for it. Valve and its most popular game Half Life is one of the best examples. They never produced a multiplayer content for it, but the community built it using Half Life’s engine and created big online games such as Counter Strike and Day of Defeat.  (pp. 218). Today, things are completely different. DICE, the software house that just release Battlefield 3, focused its entire product on online playability. In its “war” against another giants such as Call of Duty, DICE did not care about the single player campaign (which is only five hours long) but, instead, concentrated all its energy into developing impressive online content. In the recent article I found about the imminent release of the new Call of Duty MW3, DICE says “that its confident in the multiplayer of Battlefield 3, and that gamers will recognize the “industry leading” quality that their game has in that department”.

It sounds more like “ I don’t care if they have an awesome single player story. Today if your multiplayer sucks, you don’t go anywhere”.

Fabio Monticone

PS: BTW I think Counter Strike is still today the best online game ever created! I was a HUGE CS player and these new games such as Battlefield and Call of Duty do not even come close to it.



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