Is Cross-platform Adver-media the Future?


Let me start by stating that it will be difficult to keep my thoughts to five hundred words.  That said; here are my thoughts on “adver-media”.  Yes, I am coining a phrase but adver-games does not cover what I see is emerging in the media industry.

To illustrate my point, I looked at the Tintin franchise.

The film “The Adventures of Tintin” has already traveled, “…the World with $125m in…” the bank and the film has yet to open in the U.S. Market1.  The film is the brain child of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson and is based on the Tintin comic-book series that has a built in international fan-base; does this have cash cow written all over it?  Add to this the fact that the film adaptation was written by Steven Moffat (of Doctor Who fame i.e. author of “Blink” etc and the current Executive Producer of the series) and Edgar Wright (of Scott Pilgrim/Shawn of the Dead/Spaced fame) and I am in fan boy overload!!  This film has many good things going for it already and I am not even down, add to all of this that Spielberg filmed it in 3D using motion capture technology and now I am salivating.  This is savvy film marketing!!!

I also looked at a review of the game and the game itself seems to be an innovation in game play owing to the fact that the game does not belong to any recognizable genre.  “Although it has elements of a platformer, a reflex shooter, a Cut The Rope clone, and many other game types besides, Tintin is actually an amalgamation of these that feels more akin to an interactive movie.  This isn’t a flaw. In fact, taken at face value, Tintin does a lot with the technology…It’s clear that The Secret of the Unicorn was thoughtfully produced…and remains one of the better movie tie-ins.”2 While the review is fair it does point out some flaws but overall, the fact that the game is an innovation in game play is something that I feel will make the game marketable.

Okay, I am off topic…so what do I consider “adver-media”?  Adver-media is Tintin; it is a brand that is by its very nature a cross platform media product.  It is a comic book series that will bank on the success of the film and video game.  It is a film that will bank on the success of the comics and the video game.  Likewise the video game will bank on the comics and the movie.  This to me is GENIUS!  It is a brilliant cross platform marketing scheme that will be financially successful even if the film or video game fails as a work of art i.e. it is adver-media.  Each of these separate media products will help to promote and sell one another in a concert of cross platform marketing.

No matter what the individual successes of these media products will be, it is clear to me that they have already succeeded as adver-media and will be financially successful as a brand…the early signifiers that prove this claim are in the success of the initial box office sales for the film.

Russell McGee

1 J. Kirk, Box Office: ‘Tintin’ Already Travels the World with $125m in His Pocket, WWW Document,

2 B. Caldwell, The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn – The Game HD, WWW Document,


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