PBS Launched in the UK November 1st!!!


PBS, often called the “American BBC” just began offering programming on “Sky channel 166 or Virgin Media 243. For more information and programming schedules, visit pbs.co.uk” (Citation).

Even though BBC and PBS are often compared, their models are very different.  BBC makes its own programs, whereas PBS does not.  The funding is also different as PBS relies on private donations and philanthropic giving (85%) and the remaining 15% from the US Government [or at least that was the old % breakdown…]  “Around 80 million people in 50 million US households watch PBS each week, and 67 per cent of households tune in every month, including 77 per cent of children.”

Obviously, this post relates more to last week than this week…

I just thought it was really interesting that PBS was doing this since this seems more like a for-profit move rather than a PBS one- does anyone have anymore background info/ knowledge about this?  Obviously, for-profit tv networks are available in many languages on most (if not all) continents…  Why shouldn’t PBS do the same?  Especially when they cant’ rely on government funding anymore…  Thoughts?

-Emmalyn Helge


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