Disney dynamics


Disney is a world renown  film corporation that has set itself from others through diversification and realizing the benefits of rereleasing timeless classical films in updated 3D versions. According to Film Journal International, Disney has announced it will  rerelease four of its classic animated films in 3D, including Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc and The Little Mermaid. Along with its myriad of classical children’s films, Disney partners with several other corporations within the film and television industry (i.e. ESPN, ABC). The strategic management tactics and collaborations that make Disney a pioneer in the film industry should serve as a foundation for emerging corporations. 

It would be interesting to interview an employee of Disney in order to assess the working conditions of a corporation of this magnitude. I would imagine that individuals hold pretty stable positions; however the freelancing ideal is not overlooked. Experience in a corporation such as this adds greatly to a creative worker’s background, giving them a competitive advantage that could challenge managerial stakeholders. It would be intriguing to take a deeper look at the overall organizational structure of Disney. From a consumer’s perspective, it seems as though Disney is realizing the benefit rereleasing classical features, which could be stifling internal employment as new productions are spaced out between rereleasing periods.  


-Isabell Rhenwrick-


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