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Journalism is one of the most popular forms of media and today it is facing many changes and challenges. It is not anything new that the Internet has completely changed the way journalism is done. It is also not surprising that the figure of the journalist today is blurred. Bloggers, amateur video makers, and professional journalists are constantly trying to prove that their way to do journalism is better than the others. A few days ago, I read an article in a newspaper about a group of Citibank customers who were arrested by the police because they wanted to close their bank accounts. This was of course an act of protest that occurred within the more important occupation on Wall Street. The paper version of this story said that those people were acting improperly inside of the branch and this is why Citibank decided to have them arrested. The CEO of Citibank confirmed, in a personal statement, this fact. Ten years ago probably this would have been enough for the readers to understand and get an idea of the situation. However, today, things are different, and in just a few hours, many videos from outside and inside the bank popped up all over the web onto many popular blogs. After watching a few of these videos, I got my own impression of the situation without any other opinions involved. Is THIS the new way of journalism? Getting the reader to decide what is relevant or irrelevant in a story?

Considering that newspapers are involving the readers in their articles more and more in the past few years, I would definitely answer YES. The reader does not want to passively receive information anymore. He wants to be a part of the process; he wants to have his personal point of view without being influenced by third party journalists.

Fabio Monticone


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