BBC cuts… -_-


Several of my colleagues have often referred to themselves as being “casualties to the media”. They are past sport writers and broadcasters. Chapter five of “Media Work” really drives this underlying theme home, as it highlights major trends in journalism. The following article, “BBC cuts: regional journalists critise news cief over “grow up’ comment”, provides an excellent illustration of why creatives should develop their own brands. One particular field that is seeing more and more causalties is journalism. Specifically, the article discusses the comments made about budget cuts by executives at BBC which garnered negative responses from journalists. While this is a clear example of the present state of journalism, it is also a depiction of why creatives should aspire to become an individual brand that seeks to perform the skills that they are most passionate about, while having the autonomy to branch out. Managers in the jounralism industry are faced with tough decisions, as convergence is continuing to emerge. However, the BBC executives are giving managers a bad reputation; displaying complete degradation to their employees. Case in point, BBC director general Mark Thompson is quoted at the end of the article stating: “If you’re really that unhappy, if you think tha you can’t do your best wor here, then leave– no one is forcing you to stay.” This should  be seen as a red flag in the creative industries. Once creative workers realize the leverage and enjoyment that comes with self-branding, they can worry less about being underestimated and more about what their next projects will be. Nothing is better than managing yourself. Don’t you agree?


-Isabell Rhenwrick-


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