Branding and 3-D Marketing – Gifts in Kind International Changes Name to Good 360


This article came from the Non-Profit Times on July 29th and highlights the re-branding of Gifts In Kind International. It discusses how important a brand can be in identifying an organization and its character. Gifts In Kind International became Good 360 earlier this year. Some actions that were taken while re-branding include revamping its business model, integrating an online catalog, a newly functional website, and a new tagline, logo, and printed materials. In addition, when their lease was up, the organization remolded their new space to reflect their brand using circle lighting, circles in the carpet and circular tables.

Good 360 is positioning themselves in the marketplace to be valued at the “largest donation marketplace in the world.” Before determining that this change was needed, they undertook surveys internally and with corporate stakeholders, current and past donors, and other important stakeholders.

Good 360 undertook a huge intitative with their re-branding but this is not always necessary. Re-branding can include only as much as changing your logo. This stresses the importance of re-evaluating your organization, looking at how you’ve grown, how you want to be portrayed, and where you’re headed. It’s how you market and communicate your organization to the public.

Good 360’s re-branding seems a bit extreme but it also seems to be a good example of 3-D marketing. As Mark Deuze quotes Howell Henry Chaldecott Lury on the subject, “[3-D marketing] expands customer relationships into a series of inter-locking experiences. The aim is no longer to align several “flat” media but to create an experience that actively links the customer, the media and the brand. In other words, the “brand experience” will exist beyond a set of mental constituents presented on flat media” (Deuze, 203). When walking into Good 360’s office building, you are sure to be experiencing all that they are.

Examples of their current and previous marketing/branding tools:


Re-Branding (article)

Deuze, Mark. “Chapter 17: From Full-Service Agency to 3-D Marketing Consultants.” Managing Media Work. Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications, 2011. 203. Print.

-Kathryn Rudolph


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