Buzzlogic & Spectrum: Emotion Based, Real-Time Advertising


A recent article from AdWeek explains a new platform from digital media player Buzzlogic, called “Spectrum”, which “delivers page-level ads in real time, based on the emotional effect the content is expected to have on the audience.” The platform scans millions of webpages for particular key words relating not only to certain products and topical phrases, but also to certain emotional triggers, such as “enthusiast” or “can’t wait”, which allows brands to relate ads and deliver them in real-time based on the emotional connection viewers are likely to have with the product.

CEO of Buzzlogic Dave Hills explains the logic behind this new platform: “One reason we think the time is right for a solution like this is that brands themselves are asking how to make an emotional connection with consumers in a market where fragmentation is dizzying. You as the consumer are in control. It’s not TV anymore where you funnel millions of people into a 2-minute spot break. And the fact is that brands realize they need to convince folks their product will make them feel good or achieve whatever the critical brand tenets are, and they realize they have to do that online.” (Zaino)

This aligns with the idea that advertisers are spending more and more time concentrating on getting to know the consumer and also connects to the idea that technological developments have made this type of personalized and now emotional based advertising possible. As an excerpt from Larry Light in Chapter 4 of MW states, ” I don’t think the mass market ever existed, but we didn’t have the ability to reach the individual markets that did exist. What has changed is technology has facilitated our ability to reach people on a more customized, more personalized basis.” (Deuze, 128). New platforms like Spectrum allow for what the mass marketing techniques of the television age could not, that is, for brands to seek out an even deeper connection, now specific to the time, place and even mood of their consumers.




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  1. Guys thanks for picking this up and noticing this! Love it when I see students actively engaging in understanding the emerging side of a business!


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