New Digital Era





While I was reading this chapter I could not help but think about the New York Times best seller John Locke. Even though the chapter talked primarily about the music market and how the introduction of mp3s, iTunes and music blogs completely changed the source of revenue for many artists (i.e. Radiohead), I think the same concept could be applied to books. John Locke is a writer from Kentucky and he is the first “independent author” who has ever sold more than 1 million e-books through Amazon.

In the article I found about John Locke, it was interesting to note that he could have probably earned more money using the traditional way of distribution, but no one knew if normal editors would have given him the opportunity to publish his work in the first place. Skipping publishers, editors, and agents, he simply uploaded his novels on the new service proposed by Amazon, he picked a price for his work and he started to sell them.  He ended up selling more than 1 million copies of his e-books in less than five months, and he is the perfect example of how new technology is changing the way artists do their business in this new digital era.

Amazon and Itunes approached this new digital era by offering platforms where people can publish and upload their work. Of course, not everyone who is putting their work out there (sometimes almost for free) will become a millionaire, but in the 21st Century, the opportunity or at least the chance to reach an audience without having to deal with third parties is a great thing. Amazon and ITunes found a way to make money and to help people make money.

Fabio Monticone


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