Mixed emotions about iTunes contribution to the music industry


The Sun Times presents an article on how the public feels about iTunes and its contribution to the music industry. Did the music business benefit from iTunes? I believe that it did for a number of reasons, as it offers consumers the chance to purchase single songs as well as full albums at reasonable prices. This is seen as one of the main catalyst of  iTune’s success.

iTunes became one of the first online music stores that offered artists a profitable alternative, as other music software  programs siphoned off the hard work of musicians and their labels; turning music fans into “pirates”. This has become harder and harder as regulations are being made online. Additionally, monitoring has increased, especially on college campuses. While iTunes has garnered a myriad of responses from consumers and music industry workers, everyone is not completely sold on the benefits that it has to offer. I believe the development of the iTunes Music Store sparked positive change in the music industry and should serve as the foundation for other online music sources.


-Isabell Rhenwrick-


One Response to “Mixed emotions about iTunes contribution to the music industry”

  1. AWESOME! is my view on the innovations of itunes, for the Independent Artists, it is a god send, Thank You much<3 Mr. Steve Jobs (R.I.P.). He help level the playing field for us. Now there are hundreds of others trying to do the same thing.
    As an Indie Artist I'm on the same level with the remaining major labels, without the $$$, but with a knowledge they are trying very hard to catch up on to keep a hold of the $18 Billion dollar market that still exists.
    Who am I? The "Silver Conductor" on Facebook, Twitter and:
    Remember:"Always know who loves you"
    The "Silver Conductor"

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