CDBaby Announces “MusicStore” App for Facebook


A vital aspect of the contemporary music industry can be summed up in a quote that a few of us have already used in our posts: “the hub-and-spoke structure of the 20th century mass media model has given way to an Internet-supported distributed network model, which allows for many smaller clusters to take shape around particular sites, projects, ideas, and so forth” (Deuze, 242). This network model is strengthened by social networking sites, blogs, etc. because “the people within these clusters can not only interact with each other but also share ideas, opinions, and works with like-minded others in ways unimaginable a decade ago” (242).

MySpace was once considered a huge leader in online music distribution for both well-known bands and those that were just starting out alike. However, because of its slow and steady demise, it has quickly fallen to the backburner, which has allowed new pressures for developing online music marketing and distribution tools through social networking., which was mentioned in the chapter as one of the main avenues for “artists who seek to go it alone” to “distribute their music and profit from it” (244), recently announced a new Facebook app called MusicStore, which “allows artists to set up a direct-to-consumer storefront at their Facebook page”. In addition, the MusicStore app “streams music and video, accepts fan reviews and allows fans to share music with their Facebook friends” (Peoples).

Though other apps like this already exist, CDBaby is one of the most well known names in online independent music distribution, and because of the fact that they are one of only a few companies that does both physical and digital distribution, it seems their app will be highly successful. Indeed, the company said “ that in the first five days the app was available, over 1,500 artists installed it on their Facebook pages” (Peoples). Though MySpace was always more popular and innovative for their integration of music pages in to the social networking world, it is interesting to see how companies now have to adapt these techniques to the every increasing domination of Facebook.

-Annie Sexton



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