Yahoo’s Content May Soon Be It’s Own


Yesterday Yahoo officially announced its partnership with news giant, ABC.  Surprisingly, Yahoo is the number one visited news site, ahead of CNN by over 6 million viewers daily; however, this is mostly in response to the fact that they are in trouble. They have nearly 100 million visitors to their site each day, yet they pull all of their content from other sources, actually linking people away from their site at times. And as far as brand recognition, sure people are familiar with Yahoo, but it is definitely not what most people think of if you are to ask them “who is the biggest news brand?” This is the problem with Yahoo; so many visitors, but no voice of their own.

Along with the new partnership with ABC that promises content that can only be seen on Yahoo (one way to keep people on their page), viewers may also see some new reporting done by Yahoo on its own. Yahoo will be able to report news of its own and we may start seeing links to their website instead of off of it.

In the readings about the new international division of cultural labor I was thinking about Yahoo and their dilemma with so many viewers, but no personal ownership of the news market. This seems to be an example of the new media culture as “more content must be produced by fewer resources (p.93).” Just as people are becoming more and more flexible in in the media industry, taking on tasks that used to require four or five other people and working for multiple agencies as opposed to just one, the organizations themselves have to become a jack of all trade in order to survive.

Yahoo has realized that if it wants to make it out there in the sea of endless news sites, they can’t continue to show other content; they have to be the content too. We will see if this ends up being a successful venture, but I don’t think the move with ABC will be the first. One potential downside to starting a bunch of new ventures is the potential to lose focus and confuse the audience if it is not done right.

This is a great lesson, especially for us who expect to work in the non-profit world.  Just as media industries are adapting to be able to provide a little (or a lot) of everything, individuals must also be prepared to be that total package when resources are low, and competition is high.


Miller, Toby. The New International Division of Cultural Labor, in MARK DEUZE, MANAGING MEDIA WORK. p. 93 (2011).

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