American TV series & Chinese translators


The Big Bang  Theory, Glee, Gossip Girl…These names of TV series are familiar with Chinese young people, even they could not see those series in official TV stations. Consider, for instance, after Prison Break ends at 9:15 pm on TV in US, students in China could download it  in 3:15 am, with the subtitles both in English and Chinese. The speed was incredible. Most of people behind this industry are volunteer. They have the ambition to make American popular culture available to Chinese audiences.

In this process, some people are in charge of recording the series, some are responsible for adjusting the timeline, some translate English into Chinese(usually 100-150 sentences for a person), some are proof editor,  and some release them. Parts of them are students studying in US, others are young people in China. With Internet, they corporate  online together to make this work smoothly.

Of course they were  in danger of copyright infringement. But they show a perfect example of cultural labor, even underground.

–Hongyuan Jiang


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  1. Good post, nicely written. I love to read the latest info on chinese translation industry as I have been doing the research in the same since long. I just came across your blog and found it very interesting. I have subscribed to your blog and hope you will be posting nice stuff like this over the coming days.

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