Leadership Theory


Recently, newspapers and TVs were flooded by the  scandals at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. Especially after Wendi managed to protect Rupert with her swift actions on the assailant’s head. Now Rupert Murdoch is still in charge of the News Corporation along with his family members. This was put to question by a lot of people especially after the scandals. His family control most parts of the voting shares of the company. Leadership theory is mostly about “the role that one or more media executives have played in controlling and managing media companies.”(Mark, Deuze)  Also in this case, I could see the transnational management theory. It seems theses kinds of family control was more common in Asia. So maybe Rupert was deeply influenced by the local culture and applies it in the management.

Myspace was sold in a pretty cheap price compared to what it was. Some people thought one of the main reason is the style of management. Instead of using technology and innovation management style to run the young Myspace, Rupert is still in favor of the newspaper style. This ultimately leads to the failure of the once booming company.

–Hongyuan Jiang

M. Deuze, Managing MediaWork, (SAGE Publications, Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA, 2011)


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