Another Depressing Jobs Report


According to this Slate article, the adoption of robots will continue to infiltrate and disrupt the organizational structure of several industries including the creative sector. While certainly replacing humans with robots is nothing new, as agricultural workers were replaced by machines followed by factory workers, it was only a matter of time before administrative and creative professionals were affected as well. In terms of the creative industry, the affect of this new adoption of technology could easily lead to decreased job satisfaction, shifts in job roles, job loss as well as increased production time and decreased time spent on developing content. There are already companies such as Narrative Science, developing software that produces news stories without the need for a human reporter or journalist in under a minute, further exemplifying how the creative worker is not immune to the (positive or negative) effects of new technology adoption in an organization. The company currently has 20 unnamed clients as well as the Big Ten Network which announced it already began implementing the software into their website in order to quickly create and release recaps for Big Ten games.

-Chris G

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