SkyGo revolution


Sky tv is a popular satellite network in Europe and other parts of the world. They have always tried to use new products and technologies as “strategic weapons” to improve their services. They introduced first in Europe HD TV, 3D TV and new ways to watch live sports and cinema from one’s home. As a foreign student here in the United States I really miss SKY and its services and even if this might sound impossible to believe, I really think that TV here in the US could learn a thing or two from this company owned by Australian mogul, Rupert Murdock. Lately, SKY introduced a new service that is really becoming huge in some countries. SkyGo is an application for the iPad that gives the opportunity to watch almost the entire package that is included in the subscription on the iPad. Even though many phone carriers here in the US already offer the opportunity to watch TV content on their devices (i.e. NFL and Sprint), this new service really brings this portability feature to a whole new level. As I said, SKY is successfully using what the chapter calls “New product development theory”. It is combining two big technologies such as Internet video streaming and portable devices and it is offering a new and unique offer. The quality is incredibly good and I really believe that for the first time they have tried to develop something in the media industry that was demanded by consumers. SKY is constantly researching and asking questions through surveys. I have personally filled out some of them and they always focus their attention on the relationship between consumers and new technologies. I guess this strategy could be also related to the “Diffusion theory” since it is used “to understand consumer behavior in response to new media technologies”. (pp.20).
After a few months, Sky GO hit one million downloads and began offering this service in new countries, Italy included. If I have to find something bad about this service I would eliminate the region restriction. I understand that it is a copyright violation watching media content outside the respective countries, but as a “portable device feature” I think you should be able to watch it everywhere in the world.
Maybe, in the future, using the “use and gratifications” approach they will fix this problem and make this service perfect.

Fabio Monticone


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