“Rating the Comcast-NBCU Merger: The New Culture Settles In”


Image Courtesy of THE WRAP


How perfect a headline to discuss Bozena’s management strategies—and specifically Organizational Culture! As you may know, Comcast acquired NBCUniversal from General Electric in
January of this year. This WRAP article, headlined above, discusses the role culture plays on the films Comcast-NBCU puts out, the TV shows they produce, and the amusement parks they run. The ultimate question posed is “whether the new property could fit well into the Comcast culture.” (Rating Comcast-NBCUniversal Merger) This is a direct reflection of what Bozena introduces as Organizational Culture:  “Culture…is used to shape a group’s processes, material output, and ability to survive.” (Deuze, 2010)

This article suggests that the leadership/management of Comcast and those remained in place from NBCU formulate the culture in which the company’s media output flourishes. For instance, the article notes that the media has theorized that the reason Universal has declined to green light some recent projects is due to its corporate leadership. In order to maintain its culture through its leadership, Comcast hired or kept certain people, who then hired people to work for them who would help keep them in their positions.

The key aspect of Comcast’s culture seems to be its distribution tool, which can really work well with the content that NBCU produces. Comcast-NBCU is likely a mix of what Bozena describes as a “mix of professional subcultures” (Deuze, 2010)because the professional culture of Comcast would fall under the genre of those who distribute content, and the professional culture of NBCU would fall under the genre of those who create content. Elements of both likely make up the overall organizational culture of Comcast-NBCU though the WRAP’s article implies that Comcast’s culture is domineering. (Probably because it acquired NBCU rather than vice-versa)

Comcast’s culture has obviously worked for them to become such a big company, so it is no wonder it wants to continue with some of the same ways of operating. What is important for Comcast to realize is that it bought NBCU for a reason. NBCU is successful and not all of its culture should be disregarded if that same level of success is to be built upon by Comcast. It will be interesting to see if the films Universal produces will be better in the Comcast culture than they were pre-Comcast culture infiltration.

–Sade Oshinubi


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