Google: Most Desirable Media Employer


Leadership Theory is one area that Bozena claims has had little concentration thus far when it comes to media management research. This article from MediaWeek adds some contemporary insight to issues concerning the connection between leadership styles and organizational performance, as well as personal occupational issues, such as job motivation, satisfaction and retention.

A recent survey found that Google was the most desirable media company that employees would like to work for. “[Google’s] reputation as a leader in new technology, a profitable and continually growing business and dominance within the sector make it an attractive company to work for” (Maden).

Just as Bozena mentioned research that has been done on job satisfaction of journalists, this survey also helped to identify the main reasons why people stay at their jobs in the media industries overall.

“The top five reasons for employees staying within their current job were identified as having interesting work, having employers who are interested in their well-being, feeling skills are used to their full potential, having a clear career path, and belief in ability to find a similar job” (Maden).

Relating to these ideas is that of effective leadership, and the article talks specifically about certain leaders of these media industries as well. The leader that people most likely wanted to work for was Sir Richard Branson, whose company, Virgin, interestingly did not make the top five on the organizational level.

Branson was seen as a desirable leader because “he is renowned businessman and an incredibly entrepreneurial and creative individual. His sensitive approach to leadership and offering of strong staff packages and benefits has garnered staff loyalty.” Next on the list was Steve Jobs, followed closely by Mark Zuckerberg.

I think this research provides important insight in to some of the areas that Bozena says have not been thoroughly explored yet. This survey seems to demonstrate (and reiterate) that there are strong correlations between leadership styles and performance of organizations – yet leaves questions unanswered about situations where the individual is more desirable than the company as a whole, or vice versa. Hopefully this will inspire more research that digs deeper into the dynamics of employer/employee/organization relationships.

-Annie Sexton


One Response to “Google: Most Desirable Media Employer”

  1. 1 Natasha Fish

    Hi Annie,

    I’ve just been reading the article above and it appears you have a couple of pretty major factual errors.

    The research was infact released by Aspire Global Network, where as you have it quoted as ‘Bozena’. Also the quotes were by the chairman of Aspire – Paul Farrer, and not ‘Maden’.

    Please could you make these changes?

    Many thanks,

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