MetalSucks, more than just a blog


2 years ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Axl Rosenberg and Vince Neilstein of Metalsucks, one of the internet’s premiere metal blogs. At the end of the interview, Neilstein told me that despite the acclaim he was receving as a result of his blog, he was simply a metal fan writing about the things he wanted to write about instead of working at some dead end corporate job. With no boss, no benefits, a tight salary, and all the time in the world, Axl and Vince of Metalsucks epitomize what it is to work in the creative industries.

In two years Metalsucks has taken on a much larger profile, and while they still provide their snarky musical commentary, they are heavily involved in all aspects of the production process of metal culture. They sponsor and promote many of the major metal tours that roll through the United States, and are currently in the process of organizing “The Metal Suckfest” a two day metal festival in New York. In 2010 the site released the Meek is Murder album “Algorithms” in addition to The Binary Code’s “Suspension of Disbelief.” They are frequently called in by other metal media outlets to do special radio shows and podcasts, and have teamed up with labels for special promotional items like exclusive early album streams, deluxe edition records, and numerous contests.

For Metalsucks, development and innovation happens laterally. Although the blog is considered home base, the cultural product they offer is greatly enhanced by the relationships they develop with other metal media outlets, booking agents, record labels, musicians, artists, festival organizers, writers, and so on. The site constantly features articles written by guest writers from across the industry which  creates a revolving door of talent which attracts larger audiences and makes things more interesting. In turn, the dudes from Metalsucks become cogs in a spiraling network of individuals involved in the music scene.

Sure, there may be some uncertainty. Sure, it may all end tomorrow. For now though, Axl and Vince are in the driver’s seat, possessing a creative vision, and the connections necessary to gather the talent to make that vision come to life.

-Mike Lang


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