Intellectual Property and China


In July, a blogger discovered several fake Apple stores scattered throughout China, inciting an online and media uproar that eventually led to the stores closure by the Chinese government. More recently, a theme park opened in China based around the popular game Angry Birds, adding to laundry-list of complaints US companies have regarding their intellectual property being used illegally in the country. Chapter 3 discusses how intellectual property is a crucial element in the production or limitation of media. However, an important factor to consider when dealing with intellectual property globally is that media, such as computer software or movies, are a valuable export for the US economy and significant revenue generator for US media corporations. Thus, the US Government will continue to pursue strict IP protection through laws and enforcement in foreign nations.

In relation to my interests of telecommunication law and policy, intellectual property in the wireless industry is growing closer each day to a complete meltdown with tech companies such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft purchasing thousands of patents worth billions of dollars. Though my knowledge of the patent system is rather limited, I would think the management of these companies must employ more and more lawyers to ensure not only the protection of their innovations through the registration of patents, but also so they aren’t illegally utilizing a patent owned by a competitor. Ultimately, this could lead to limited competition depending on how vague or expansive these patent and intellectual property wars become.

-Chris G

China steals “Angry Birds” for theme park

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