Collaborating industries in a digital age: “Vending world tries new tech to court Gen Y”


Media workers in today’s economy are continuely searching for ways to incorporate interconnectivity into the lives of consumers. These initiatives are beneficial to multiple parties, as several occupational areas seek to collaborate with the mediated realm of creative industries. By specializing and improving modes of interaction, an array businesses around the world have the potential to develop products and services that contribute to media professions in a digital age. For instance, the vending industry is utilizing new media technologies to target Generation Y (18-27) consumers. While this particular area is not an actual media profession, it is utilizing creative industries to conform to an ever-present digital age. According to Dan Matthews, COO at the National Automatic Merchandising Association, machines now look and act like giant iPads. Furthermore, USA Today reports that the vending industry is vying for Generation Y with social vending (interactive touch-screens, “gifting”), smart vending (close-up images of packages so you can read ingredients and nutrional facts, allows you to buy multiple snacks at a time), and “Talking” machines (let’s consumer’s buy snacks and drinks from several machines at one time but only pay once with debit card, stored-value card or smartphone. This is just one example of how media professional are staying productive by collaborating with traditional industries and merging technologies in order to foster the participatory nature of media usage (Deuze, 2007).

-Isabell Rhenwrick-

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