Branding the Innovative Individual


Chapter 3 in Media Work talks about the dichotomy between big organizations and individual professionals as well as the individualized structure of media production and media work – as small and ever changing groups of people working on often isolated projects for the benefit of the larger company as a whole. I thought this article from AdWeek provided an interesting take on these topics and made me think differently about what these individual professional identities really mean -and in fact how valuable they can be- in the industry. The article talks about how several entrepreneurs and executives from major innovative and technological brands such as Google, Tumblr, and FourSquare have been featured in advertising spots  for OTHER brands that sell basic consumer products like clothes (Gap), cars (Mercedes-Benz), etc. For the Mercedes Benz ad – Google executive Vic Gundotra did a 30 second spot – and while it was the cheapest ad of the year for Mercedes, it was also the 2nd most effective ad in the entire luxury auto category for 2011. (Heussner) I thought this was a really interesting concept, considering these creative figures are not advertising their own products, but instead are being featured because of the brand-ability of their individual personalities. They are all creative and innovative minds, and companies like the Gap and Mercedes are using these individuals and their personalities as a branding tool for their companies – essentially giving the message that Gap/Mercedes is creative and innovative, just like _____(insert name here). These ads basically act just in the same way that you would have a celebrity endorse your product – but it’s these individual creative personalities (which we’ve learned are such an integral part of the media industry) that are catching everyone’s attention. I think this perspective kind of brings the two sides of the individual/organization dichotomy to an interesting overlapping point that I had never really thought about before.

Annie Sexton


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