Bloggers as consultants?


Marketing is taking on a new approach since the world of blogging has claimed its “credibility” among consumers, acting as gatekeepers in essentially any industry they desire to write about.  Consumers want information from real people, and are tired of companies telling them where they should spend their time and money.  For this reason, blogging has become a career for some. The day has come that one can make money posting their opinions online, and companies are claiming them as fast as possible.

A perfect example of this is in the fashion industry.  Fashion designers figured out the whole blogging craze and are capitalizing on this trend.  One of the most well-known blogs about fashion by Jessica Quirk, “What I Wore,” where she photographed what she wore for an entire year and blogged about it, gave designers a wakeup call.  These bloggers have become famous; they are defining brands and they have followers…lots of them. So designers are teaming up with these bloggers, and not just as documenters, but as consultants. 

Called, Independent Fashion Bloggers, these bloggers don’t come cheap. They can make up to $5000 for an appearance at a runway show, and up to $30,000 for design collaborations.  Yes, design collaborations. Coach was the first to do this, but they collaborated with four fashion bloggers to create their own limited-edition purse named after their blog.  Other big time designers such as Valentino and Furla have also hired bloggers to work at events and write editorial features.  Designers realize that these bloggers are becoming celebrities, but they are cheaper, and they have Facebook fans, blog visits, and tweets.

This almost sounds too good to be true, but it sounds like there may be opportunities to make money in the blogging world. Beyond just fashion, there are plenty of other industries that value bloggers and are willing to pay to get to their fans (i.e. gaming, music, sports, etc.). Blogging is changing the world of journalism along with marketing and advertising.  Although, not just anyone can start blogging and expect followers, nor can everyone articulate ideas and thoughts that people will read, this gives a new face to free-lance writing.


– Stephanie Smith

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