“We are visionary, but practical” -this is the slogan that the “Pirate Party” in Germany used to promote their political movement. For the first time in their history, this peculiar party reached 8.9 percent in the Berlin election results on Sunday evening. This party is very active in everything related to telecommunications and media. It opposes especially the Germany Internet censorship law that forbids “freedom of speech” over some “hot web content” such as the holocaust and pornography. It also asks for a new form of media copyright, information privacy, free wireless Internet service for all and greater Internet privacy.

It is not a secret that, today, we are living in a world where we can access any sort of information through internet and, as Deuze refers to in his book, Intellectual property and copyright are both topics under the gun of many law-scholars “who call for a new form of international intellectual rights legislation” (pp. 96).

This political result is a good example of how the connection between the rights of the national government and the Internet should be revised since it is going to be a big issue in the future. Many countries are still trying to restrict Internet and the media that is generated through the use of it, but what the Pirate Party is trying to do is sponsor a new shift that “would grab the focus from restricted usage to enabling societal exchange” (Jenkins, pp 96) improving these new kinds of technologies.

In addition, the Pirate Party is also promoting a free way of sharing music and this can affect artists and music industries in general. However, I think that their provocation could be useful in revising copyright and intellectual property laws that today are not well developed and they help neither consumers nor industries.

-Fabio Monticone




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