Convergence Amounting to Nil


Collaboration between people organizations rears its head in social media. Sometimes it’s a very artificial and contrived showing.  For instance, there is an upcoming event in Chicago titled, “The Downtown Dash”.  This is a competition between social media “elites” with above average followers and social media activity.  According to an article in titled, “Social Media Stars Clash in Chicago’s Downtown Dash the participants must work in teams to race around Chicago in different types of partnering transportation businesses and perform tasks at other partnering businesses.  Of course, the participants must tweet, FourSquare, and Facebook update for each of the sponsored tasks.

This use of collaboration between different people and organizations has real potential to amount to some creative output.  But it has simply been planned to be an advertising mechanism for the partnering businesses.  The challenges merely require the participants to go to the different locations and take a picture, and check-in on any and all social media.  If there were real creative challenge involved, perhaps this competition would actually generate worthwhile attention beyond simple tweets.

-Charles Palys

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