At&t’s ’emerging devices’ strategy


As the emergence of tablet technology continues to develop, wireless networks and mobile companies are realizing the benefit of offering this exclusive technology to consumers. USA Today reports the iPad as the current dominator in tablet space, and quotes At&t’s president of emerging devices, national resale and partnerships division who is adamant about the potential competition in this particular category. Since its contract recently expired with Apple, At&t has been searching for ways to stay viable in the mobile and wireless industry, and they see “emerging devices” as their solution. The company plans on redesigning it store to illuminate what seems to be a significant product in the eyes of consumers as well as businesses; tablets and kindles. Making wireless-connectivity the main objective, At&t’s emerging devices group is also planning to make its carbon footprint in automobiles, health care, and personal tracking. With the right financial and tech personnel, At&t’s proactiveness will aid its productivity as a wireless network.

-Isabell Rhenwrick-


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