Dashboard Your Life


In a new age where we are expected to keep up with work, social, and family obligations, it seems like we have less and less time to keep our own personal affairs in order; for instance, stacks of bills, bank statements, updates on frequent flier miles or other rewards programs. Not only do these updates find there way in paper to our homes, but they have come to inundate our email inboxes as well.  An article this weekend from the Wall Street Journal gives us some new ideas about how we can “dashboard” important areas of our daily lives through online services.

Some of the web services the article mentions are Mint, a personal finance manager that keeps track of how much money you spend in a year that also provides a comprehensive breakdown of annual spending. Manilla helps you manage your bills, travel rewards programs, and other “boring-but-imporant information” (WSJ). Websites like CityPockets help to track specific coupons and keep their expiration dates in order. Finally, there are even services to help keep medical bills and histories in a clean, easy to comprehend fashion with Simplee and Avado.

These new additions to technology seem to fit perfectly in the discussion of “media and everyday life.” As our lives continue to build up with deadlines to meet, events to attend, appointments to keep, and of course our daily routine of checking all social media outlets and streaming our favorite TV episodes, will services like these ease the anxiety and frustration we all are bound to encounter when trying to sort our personal responsibilities? Do you think people will embrace this type of new technology or are we all bound to revert back to our old ways of cluttered inboxes and post-it reminders?

-Sarah Dresser


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