Steve Jobs Steps Down


Steve Jobs’ resignation as CEO of Apple is an opportunity to reflect on a remarkable career. The man behind Apple’s success was, in ways, single-handedly responsible for the Macintosh, Itunes, and the Ipad, to name a few. Jobs’ products are arguably responsible for today’s media. He exemplifies the tenacity and ability to change with the times. Talk about having an effect on convergence culture, participatory media culture, and demonstrating informational hypercapitalism.

Jobs created Apple only to be kicked out of his own company, founded a new company, which would be today’s “Pixar”, to then run Apple again and make it the most valued company today.

Notorious for micro-managing his employees, Jobs’ brilliance as a product designer and businessman was unconventional to say the least. He is known to be extremely harsh in the board room and to always have the last say on products that come out. For decades, Jobs demonstrated the “culture of the new capitalism. (Sennett 2006)”

Needless to say, despite Jobs’ unconventional approach, Apple products are known to be extremely useful and enjoyable products to a wide audience.

As Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO, steps up to the plate and now that Jobs is gone, does this mark a new era for Apple products?

-Dan Schiffman




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