The Future of Journalism


I happened to stumble upon this video in which the director of the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence, Tom Rosenstiel, in Journalism speaks about the future of journalism.

I guess us journos have to have these kinds of speeches said over and over again in order to reassure ourselves that our beloved craft is not in any sort of immediate danger. After listening to it for a while I had re-read the chapter on journalism in Mark’s first book (Media Work) and it almost sounds point for point the same. One could postulate that Rosenstiel just happened to have paged through the book but it would be worrisome if the points raised are only being realised now by the journalism community.

Rosenstiel speaks about the main challenges to traditional journalism which can be summed up as this: an identity crisis. News organisations, in a nutshell, need to figure out what they’re new position in society (or their community is).  We are no longer the gatekeepers, so from there we can be information aggregators; sense-makers, watchdogs. The moral of the story is that journalism isn’t dead, it’s in still in an evolutionary stage and the time is now to decide what it will emerge as.


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