What social media said about us this year.


Round about this time of the year we inundated with articles and programmes about the best and worst parts of the year and the most interesting I found was Mashable’s list of the biggest Facebook and Twitter trends for 2009. The list is basically an aggregation of the trendiest topics which were posted and talked about on these two social media platforms. You draw so many conclusions about the way we thought and perceived our reality in the last eleven months or so.

My favorite was the Facebook Memology which list the top 15 Status Trends of 2009. The most surprising point was that “I” was the fifteenth most popular status update. In this day and age where the self is thought to be the most important element of social interaction it’s almost surprising that people were interested in Facebook applications then their own lives. On the flipside though FML (fuck my life) was the second most updated topic. So you could say that people preferred to talk about how much they wallow in self-pity then just themselves.

Other topics included: family, Swine Flu, movies and sport, in no particular order. So maybe the most pertinent question to come out of this is how we view our reality through the social lenses that Twitter and Facebook provide? Are we that concerned of our health and family above ourselves? Is society that altruistic or do Facebook and Twitter provide a means for people to show how they confirm to societal norms that are aggregated online?


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