A new kind of Hollywood


The latest podcast of The Business is up and there is an interesting discussion on the demise of screenwriters in movies and TV. This harks back to the class discussion we had with John Caldwell and his take on the Internet economy and its impact on traditional jobs in the industry/the media. What we are looking at is surge in job slashing across the board which threatens screenwriters who are being kulled by major studios. Tentpole movies and fewer pilots are the order of the day and what one has to ask oneself is how long this trend will continue?

But can you blame the Internet only? There is also the global economic crunch (which is mentioned in the podcast). But if the media is to believed we are in the beginnings of an economic upswing so why are screenwriting jobs still being cut? Fan works online may be endearing but can they replace the skill and knowledge which comes with being a screenwriter in Hollywood?


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